Space Warrior Freya

Freya Space Warrior-7

Then to Valhalla I’ll go
To gaze on the face
of my King and my sons
There will be a feast laid for me
Warrior Queen with a Valkyrie shield

-Warrior Queen by Kelliana

This is the last shoot I worked with my favorite amazon, Freya, before she left. An amazing and versatile model and even greater friend, we will miss her in the island… But this is NOT the last  you will see of her on our page! Now give her some love and don’t forget to share with your friends!


Model: Freya
Makeup: Krystal Umi Make Up Artistry
Taken at Cyanide Nation
Photography by Wilfred Miranda / W. Miranda Photography

©2015 Wilfred Miranda / W. Miranda Photography. Please do not copy, crop or modify in any way. / No es permitido copiar, editar, alterar o recortar las imagenes sin autorización.


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