The Littlest Zombie Girl

Alevianis Zombie-12


A holiday for witches, the moon’s burning red.
As we await the rise of the dead.
My blood’s running cold as I wait here in fright.
Awoken by moonlight are creatures of night.

– The Rezurex “Día de los Muertos”

As a Halloween double whammy, I give to you one of my favorite shoots to have worked on in years. We present to you, our littlest zombie girl!

A fun fact; this awesome little girl is the one who asked her mom to do a photo shoot dressed as a zombie. Can we call this a parenting win or what???

Photography: Wilfred Miranda / W. Miranda Photography

©2015 Wilfred Miranda / W. Miranda Photography. Please do not copy, crop or modify in any way. / No es permitido copiar, editar, alterar o recortar las imagenes sin autorización.

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